Our story started as a personal passion for art

It all began way back when Charlie was a child in the 80’s who loved art class as much as he loved Star Wars.

While other kids dreaded putting a pencil drawing on a page, Charlie excelled at it. He liked it so much he knew it was, in some form or another, part of his future. As he grew up in Mexico City, he experienced a whole new culture but also continued learning about art and applying it, even winning several art contests as a teenager.

Mexico City? Yes, after being born in Texas, that’s where his parents moved the family to and also where he met his sweetheart, Nubia. They married in ’97, moved to San Antonio, and started a family which now includes 2 kids–Melanie and Andrew.

A couple of design jobs later Charlie decided it was time to launch Element Thirty Creative, which he believed was the dream God had promised. (Side note: the “Thirty” came from starting the company at 30 years old, and the significance that Jesus started His ministry at 30.)


Starting out was a struggle since it was the end of 2007 and the beginning of a recession. Work was trickling in via friends, past contacts, referrals, praying, networking, etc. After 3 years, we gained some momentum and kept going. As a creative design firm in San Antonio, Element Thirty Creative offered a level of creativity that kept our clients coming back for more.

So far so good

We have been extremely blessed to have built a solid client list based on great design and service and have big plans for the future.

Where do we go from here? We invite you to be a part of our story! Call us any time to discuss how we could help your brand BE GREAT!